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IPad Installation

About basic versions of the ipad  installation instructions are described in the following as well as in the manuals. For further information, just read the hardware instruction manual. Placing the Battery Pack First step in iPad installation is to make sure about the battery is it charged or not.

What is DFU Mode for Your iPhone?

What is DFU Mode for Your iPhone? – Many gadget techies would probably have the common urge of curiosity and explore their new items like their iphone. By now they would have probably suffered the consequences of their actions. One possibility that you could brick your iphone is when

Smart Phones In Our Lives

      This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit and Touch Geek This graphic shows how cell phones makes us busy. In these days, Smartphones are improving day by day, Companies like Samsung, Apple, etc. have worked very hard to ensure their customers busy. People are becoming so

Mirror Free App for iPad and iPhone

Mirror Free app for ipad or iphone  is one of the pertinent applications to own as it holds a hoard lot of features in it. Published by the Inner Four Inc, with version 1.6, comes under the entertainment genre. This mirror free iphone application is a simple and entertaining

Must Have iPad App for Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This app called the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” and it’s now available on your iPad or iPhone for limitless inspiration. Build your own Houzz ideabooks and view professional portfolios with the touch of a finger for instant decoration and renovation ideas. This app brings Houzz to your

Must Have iPad App for GarageBand : Make You Sound Like a Pro

GarageBand turns your iPad into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio, letting people use intuitive controls and a huge library of instruments and prerecorded loops to create songs. GarageBand is perceived as a musician’s tool. It is a tool for making music, but anyone from

Must Have iPad App for Times Tables: Squeebles for iPad

Defeat the Maths Monster, rescue the Squeebles and earn medals and trophies, all whilst learning your times tables in this colourful, fun, interactive game from UK developer KeyStageFun. “Times Tables: Squeebles” is a multiplication game aimed at 5 to 10 year old children. The storyline is based around the

Must Have iPad App for Marvel vs Capcom 2 : Play a Legendary Game

Capcom recently unleashed Marvel VS Capcom 2 for the iPad, and as with most entertaining games ported to a mobile the game quickly topped the charts. Then again, most ported entertaining games don’t play well on mobile products. And Marvel vs Capcom 2 do it. Wolverine & Iron Man

Must Have iPad App for Angry Brirds Space

Angry Birds Space, the fourth spinoff of the Angry Birds series, is now available for iPad on the AppStore. Rovio brings a completely re-imagined dynamics and physics to the franchise with a radically new approach to the series by settings war against the pigs in the outer space. Angry

iPad 2 Screen Protectors

Are you looking for an Ipad Screen Protector? No doubt you have experienced with a screen saver for mobile phone in front of you, but what are the chances of the original that you bought, you still use now? Chances are you have probably changed the guard a few

Easy iPad Typing: Steps to Underline or Highlight Text on iPad

During those humble beginnings of iPad—that is, before the powerful iOS 5 was born—people were all concerned about how they can underline or highlight text on iPad when the Apple’s very own Mail app doesn’t have any specific buttons for performing such actions. Purists might do just fine without
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